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So, what’s the attraction of a cruise? Simple answer? It’s the most complete, relaxing and stress-free holiday you could ever ask for. It offers something for everyone - the perfect switch-off if that’s what you’re after or unmatched activity, entertainment and educational adventure if that’s your bag. And talking of bags, just think, all those amazing destinations and just one lot of unpacking!

We all look for something different from a holiday, don’t we? Well, cruising’s all about choice, limitless choice. Take a trip on a floating luxury resort with over 6,000 passengers; drift away on a river barge with just twelve guests; set sail on a four or five-mast schooner (large sailing boat); opt for a two-day mini-cruise, starting from £199 per person or head off on a round-the-world trip of a lifetime from as little as £82 per day.

Imagine sailing into Venice at break of dawn, witnessing stunning waterfalls while cruising through the Norwegian fjords or sailing past a red-hot lava flow as it reaches the sea. You’ll relish wonderful stop-offs and be fascinated by the ever-changing scenery. If you prefer your own company you can keep yourselves to yourselves or you can meet, mix and make new friends who share your interests. Then of course there’s the food – don’t get me started!

I took my first cruise in 1996 (coming up now to my 50th trip). I confess to being hooked from the start and rapidly became known as the Cruise Guru because I’d done so much of my own research that I was a walking directory for different lines, destinations, facilities and cabin locations. I don’t think it was a surprise to anyone when I took the decision to become a franchisee for GoCruise in March 2011.

You can tell I love what I do, sorting memory-making trips for families, couples, individuals or friends with the security of one of the UK’s most experienced cruise companies behind me. As a respected premier agent with the world’s leading cruise operators we offer unsurpassed customer service and outstanding rates. I also believe in treating every client as I would a family member – so be warned, I won’t be happy until I’m sure we’ve got everything perfect, down to the smallest detail.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a cruise virgin, give me a call. I can talk you through the ins and outs and usually match or beat any quotes you already have. Let’s make your planning a pleasure as we put together a holiday that will tick all your boxes – and then some! Call me on 07870 898 004 or email me at carole@gocruise.co.uk

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