Top three charming Mediterranean destinations to visit in summer 2018 - April 2018

GoCruise – 17/04/18


With the days getting longer and temperatures beginning to get warmer across the continent, there is no better time to start considering your next holiday cruise. Many of the world’s renowned lines are beginning to relocate their ships in the Mediterranean and there are plenty of options available to choose from. Each cruise can take you to a different series of destinations and it can sometimes be difficult to know which itinerary to choose. With this in mind, we have shortlisted three of our favourite charming Mediterranean ports which will, hopefully, offer some inspiration.

Cannes | France


It is strange to imagine Cannes as little more than a simple fishing village, but the last 150 years has seen a huge transformation. Over this time, tourists have come from far and wide to enjoy exclusive relaxation – thus transforming the once small settlement into one of Europe’s most iconic social hubs. Take a stroll along the cobbled streets and charming marina, taking in sights including the architecture of the Le Suquet old town. Alternatively, head to one of the many golden beaches and soak up the sun on the coastline.

Valletta | Malta


The Maltese capital was one of the first sites to be incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage list, and it is easy to see why. Much of the city’s architecture was built during the 16th century and a stroll through the city streets will take you to an array of mesmerising landmarks including St. John’s Co Cathedral and the Palace of the Grand Masters. Valletta is also known for its cosmopolitan features, with many retail outlets to peruse and cafés in which to people watch. Alternatively, you can take a spectacular walk outside of the city walls and take in the mesmerising harbour.

Amalfi | Italy


Without question, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most jaw-dropping and beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean. Situated on the Italian western coast, within the southern region of Campania, this stunning cliffside town is recognisable from the sea and only increases in beauty as you get closer. Wander the winding streets and take in the colourful architecture, making sure to stop at sights including the 10th century cathedral and the 13th century Cloister of Paradise. Alternatively, you can relax on the beach or enjoy a spot of people-watching in one of the many cafes.

The Mediterranean is home to many mesmerising ports, with many impressive cities, charming towns and mesmerising landmarks to visit. From the blissful Iberian coastline to the quaint and colourful Greek islands, there are plenty of options available and you can explore them all on board one of the many cruising options available.

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