Star Clippers – A Must For Your Bucket List - March 2020

GoCruise – 30th March 2020


Star Clipper

Seeing the Northern Lights, going on an African safari, writing a book or learning to play an instrument; there are certain things that a lot of us have on our bucket lists. What about the experiences we might not have thought of?

This month, GoCruise with Barry is excited to bring you a once in a lifetime tall ships experience with Star Clippers that will blow you away. Whatever else is on your bucket list, the tall ships experience is a must-do, unique experience in the world of cruising.

So what is a tall ship? Well you can’t miss the sails that we most associate with their beautiful outline. On board the crew raise the sails by hand and this is their defining feature.

This means it all feels like an authentic sailing experience, resonant from the days when ships roamed the world. As such, you can wander as you please on board. Enter into the bridge to connect with the captain. Relax up on the rigging or pop in on the engine room. Here on board, you’re all taking part in the adventure together with the crew.

And it’s what makes the Tall Ships experience different from a cruise. Experiences like being under sail as you glide towards a heavenly, isolated beach or the feeling of being lifted by the wind. You’re able to enjoy the sight of beautiful and enticing islands, seen from the crows nest. It’s moments like this that make me feel like I’m in my element.

So it’s hard to believe these ships aren’t from a dream! The Star Clippers fleet is awe-inspiring. The massive Royal Clipper with her five masts reaching for the sky. The elegant Star Clipper and Star Flyer with their majestic sails. Their 1000s of square feet of canvas will transport you to hidden beaches in Asia or the cradle of civilisation in Europe.

At the same time you’ll find the comfortable surroundings you’d expect. You’ll enjoy a six course meal in the old style dining room. Then find time to relax in the casual bars. And bask in the pool with the sounds of the wind soothing you. As she hugs the coast you can enjoy an array of activities like snorkelling or gentle yoga. The atmosphere on board is always very relaxed and unhurried.

So give time to something exceptional. Register your interest and get a quote for our special packages with the Star Clippers family – or give us a call.