A river cruise on the Irrawaddy and stay in Yangon - March 2017

Carole Sandler – 23/03/17


January 1st - January 18th

24 hours after leaving Northwood and after 2 plane journeys lasting 15 hours we arrived at the Governor’s Residence Hotel in Yangon at 1:00am on Tuesday morning.

Today (Wednesday) we were taken on a half day city tour.

Our hotel is called Governor’s Residence as it was the home of the last governor of this country.

At the fish section of local market. Many were still alive!

Today met the 7 Canadian group we shared our voyage with on the Ayerwaddy River and we took a one hour boat trip for lunch.

Very cold last night (3C) but warmed up quickly this morning. Another trip in boat today.

Next, to boat builder and blacksmith then local loom industry where they use both silk and Lotus fibre.

After a one hour flight from Yangon arrived at Haho airport and then were met by our guide who brought us here to our hotel in a boat where the skipper uses one leg to operate an oar!

Today went out on boat to meet the Kayan people whose women have very longnecks.

Another great day including being transported in a Trishaw and visit to a fascinating market and a monastery where we met the head monk, an elderly gentleman of 79.

The highlight of our trip so far. We visited the school at Lat Pan Pu Village. The whole village turned out to welcome us.

We are in Magwe town on the edge of the river and we took a TukTuk to the famous Myathalon Pagoda.

Last full day. We are back in Governor’s Residence Hotel in Yangon. We leave hotel at 22:45 tomorrow to take a flight to Hong Kong where we arrive c 4am Wednesday. After a 4 hour stop-over we then commence our 13 hour flight home where we are scheduled to arrive c 15:30 UK time which is 8 hours behind Hong Kong time. Tomorrow just a lazy day by pool.

Sad as we leave tomorrow for Yangon for just a day then a very long journey back to Blighty.