Reasons To Choose The United States For Your Next Cruising Destination - October 2018

GoCruise – 24/10/18


The recent rise in the number of cruisers looking to sail to North America shows that the United States not only provides spectacular scenery but is also home to some mesmerising ports. Places like Chicago, Cleveland and Portland are all excellent for an abundance of authentic history, coupled with beautiful city skylines and a variety of American sports. Here are some excellent reasons to choose a cruise itinerary that sails to the USA.

The Five Great Lakes

Ludington Light House

If you are lost on where to start your American adventure, the Great Lakes give the perfect opportunity to see a more authentic side of the country whilst still enjoying the bustling city life. Made up of five different interconnecting bodies of water (Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario), each contains its own iconic cities and attractions. Along with the breathtaking views, you can climb ashore to learn about military, musical and natural history.

American Cities


One of America’s main draws America is cities that not only boast an abundance of high street shopping centres but also allow travellers to delve into the extraordinary cuisine on offer. When heading from shop to shop sampling mouth-watering delights, take some time to head to local attractions to learn more about the history of America. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Portland Head Lighthouse in Portland, Maine are just two great places to start and there are many more attractions to be found along the way.

Culinary delights


When you think of America, you might not think of the culinary delights that have been created here. But, thanks to a big influence from other countries, there are many dishes that have changed over the last century. Fortunately, many of the traditional dishes still exist, including subtle delights such as Apple pie. Other classic favourites include hamburgers, tacos, seafood from New England and the delicious comfort food from the Deep South. Events like the Boston Seafood Festival, held on the first weekend in August, can offer the perfect mixture of culinary colour and a local atmosphere.

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