Reasons To Choose Portugal For Your Next Cruising Destination - September 2019

GoCruise – 18th September 2019


Often overshadowed for larger more well-known stops like Spain and France, Portugal has become more of a trendy destination over recent years. But, what a lot of travellers seem to miss is while Portugal is smaller than your average cruising hub, it more than makes up for this in natural and spectacular wonders. So if we haven’t tempted you already, here are a few reasons why you should visit Portugal on your next sailing.

Beautiful Beaches


Portugal has been famed for a long time for its stunning beaches and coastlines, most notably the Algarve has stood as a hot spot for bucket-list adventures for generations. Whether it’s the promise of golden sands or the chance to hone your surfing skills, these isolated beaches are surrounded by rocky-cliff tops, perfect for sunset walks.

Most importantly, no matter where you are in Portugal you are likely to only be a short journey to your nearest beach. Combine this with the crystal clear waters and warm weather all-year-round, and there is no reason why Portugal can’t be your next winter-sun escape.

Colossal Castles

Pena Palace

One of the lesser-known sides of Portugal has to be its extensive collection of historic castles. Holding much of the cities heritage and hidden quirks, these celebrated monuments are great starting points for getting an overview of the city, before delving deeper into its walkways.

One of the most romantic spots is only a short car journey away from Lisbon to the small town of Sintra, a long-time royal sanctuary. Its most prominent feature, the Palace of Pena has captivated fairy-tale lovers from far and wide with intricately designed rooms to intimate garden walks, encompassing everything Portugal is about. Plus, if the skies are clear, you can see the palace straight from where you dock in Lisbon.

Wine, Wine and more Wine

Assortment of Wines

As everybody already knows, Portugal has been an outstanding wine region for centuries and one of the top destination to taste these tipples has to be the capital, Lisbon. Whether you like wine tasting tours or just like to drink a lot of it, every type of wine connoisseur can find their new-found favourite beverage.

There are plenty of wineries dotted around the city, so make sure to visit an array of different stores as each will boast the best wines in the world.

Azores Islands

Azores Island

Our final point takes us a long distance away from the mainlands to the small islands of the Azores. In total there are nine main islands and an islet cluster that have all been formed via volcanic activity, giving them there distinctive mountainous features that are ideal for hikers and impeccable holiday photo’s. These main islands include Flores, Corvo, Graciosa, Terceira, Sao Jorge, Pico, Faial, Sao Miguel and Santa Maria.

As many of the islands have untouched landscapes, there is plenty of opportunities to explore and find natural wonders like waterfalls, hot springs and even geysers. Most islands also have an abundance of lakes that are heated from the islands underground volcanoes, basically creating a large private swimming pool.

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