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Prince Albert II - Monday 10th May 2010

Ian Warren – 10-05-2010 – Silversea - Prince Albert II


I wasn't really sure what to expect with regards to how big (or small) she would be, but I was a little surprised that she looked so small.

Once I got onboard though I was impressed with the high standard of fixtures and fittings everywhere. We started in the bar where Thomas Harrison gave us a good overview of the features and benefits not only of PA2, but also the other Silversea ships. We then went on a tour of the ship, which was in the middle of a full inspection by the marine authorities.

The suites were impressive, with lots of extras from the expensive coffee making machines to the choice of toiletries brands available to choose from. There were also complimentary backpacks waiting for the guests, although there weren't any Parkas as the ship wasn't off to the Antarctic on this occasion. All the grades were of a really good size. I saw one couple being shown into their grand suite, and I heard the lady telling her husband that she thought it was wonderful.

We were told that not only does the butler unpack for you; he takes the cases away for the duration of the cruise and even cleans them before bringing them back at the end of the cruise. If you want him to he will then pack everything again for you, using tissue layers between everything.

The quality of the food at lunchtime was excellent, and the service was equally as good. We were told that not only is wine included in the price of the cruise, it isn't just house wine as there are about 40 labels to choose from.

When you consider that the fare includes all your drinks, food, butler, room service, excursions, gratuities etc, then it starts to sound like a good deal.