Pre-Cruise – Sunday 30th August - September 2015

Jim & Julia Wallace – 14/09/15 – P&O Cruises - Aurora



For this cruise we decided to travel down to Southampton a day early and stay overnight, now as some of you know Mr W retired from Corporate-land so he was no longer earning points for overnight stays but did have enough to claim a free night at Holiday Inn. The car was loaded with more than enough luggage... As the menfolk will comment it takes effort and thought for the ladies to look as fabulous as they do and that requires bling, bags and shoes.

Before we set off, we had to wish the four legged office assistants happy holidays as Mrs W drove them to their holiday hotel at Slaney lodge farm where, with a guarantee of food/tennis balls, walks and cuddles a plenty, they ran in wagging away and sniffing and in search of treasure.

An interesting drive with the crazy sat-nav lady taking us on detours to avoid the roadworks and hold-ups so we checked in some three and a half hours later! We were allocated a corner room with views of Ocean terminal, clean tidy with free Wi-Fi but dated in its fixtures. We were ravenous but the hotel had two coach parties in taking over the restaurant so a pop up eatery was created in the lobby however the menu wasn't inspiring so off for a walk in the drizzle. We found the Pig in the Wall, which on a dry night a flatbread would be very welcome however as it was already full and the only space was the outdoor tables, Mrs W thought better of it.

So off we wandered, we followed the nose and came across George's on St Michaels Street it was busy, so this is a good sign and we were seated by the window an ideal spot for Mrs W's people watching! The menu was old school Greek Cypriot and was founded Mr Hannides over 40 years ago - so were quite happy for Chris and Andreas to bring us pitta & dips along with some smoked pork loin & halloumi cheese for starters and a pleasant white wine... Just enough time passes by and the mains arrive Kleftiko for himself and the George's special of Souvaki and minced pork burger, clean plates all round, another bottle of wine and a strong coffees with Cypriot brandy finished the night off nicely.

It was still drizzly and Mrs W mutters something about getting frizzy hair on her way back to the hotel 😆 very nice start to the trip. Let's hope it continues?

Bye bye for now, until next time.

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