Most Underrated Destinations For Foodies - October 2018

GoCruise – 31st October 2018


As one of the main attractions in any destination, food is not only for sampling, but can also give you an authentic insight into the rich culture of the place you are exploring. In recent years, foodies have been searching far and wide for abstract delights, straying away from well-known cities like Paris and Florence. So here is a list of some of the most underrated food destinations that you can explore as part of a cruise.

Sri Lanka

Just off the coast of India, the small island of Sri Lanka has taken most of its influence from its neighbour. Curries and rice are among staple meals that can be found here, but if you delve deeper in the towns and cities, you can find a variety of other culinary delights. Kottu is one of the finest foods on the streets. When coupled with an assortment of vegetables and smothered in spicy curry sauce, it can make for the perfect snack for a hungry explorer. Other dishes that deserve an honourable mention include hoppers (Sri Lankan pancake), polos (a curry made with green jackfruit) and wood apples (a fruit blended with sugar).

Sri Lankan food

Santiago, Chile

Taking some time to explore the city of Santiago is essential. With the closest port only being a short journey away, the city holds vibrant architecture to complement its tasty cuisine. The streets boast many small bars and restaurants that are waiting to be mined for traditional Chilean dishes. Adventure along city streets that are brimming with local vendors, stocked with seafood specialities and algarroba-flour cookies for a sweet and savoury mix. Restaurants also provide a perfect array of culinary delights, including pastel de choclo (corn casserole with meat stuffing), centolla (king crab with tender meat) and the subtle alfajor (biscuit filled with dulce de leche).

Chilean food

Dakar, Senegal

Senegal may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think about culinary expertise, but this West African country has recently gained a lot of attention for its barbeque food. Street food is at the heart of any Senegalese journey, with an abundance of quality fish markets and freshly served critters on the menu. Start by checking out the stalls in the bustling commune of Medina and work your way around the city observing vibrant festivals that are held all year round.

Senegalese food

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The seaside city of Sao Paulo may not be Brazil’s most iconic destination but, throughout the on-going festival season, there is plenty of chance to delve into some of the finest culinary delights that Brazil has to offer. Whether you eat in traditional bars or high-end restaurants, you will get a chance to sample an exotic menu containing delights like acarajé (a traditional pastry stuffed with seafood), pão de queijo (baked cheese puffs) and açai (sweet blended smoothie).

Brazilian food

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