Iceland and why it should be on your "bucket list"

Fred. Olsen – 21-02-2014 - Iceland and why it should be on your "bucket list"


If you’re looking for a destination that is unique and at the same time offer you fantastic sights then Iceland has got to be a place for everyone’s list of "must see" places. By far the best way of seeing this fascinating country is by visiting the place on a cruise ship.

Fred Olsen has four cruises on three different cruise ships that take in Iceland from four different departure ports around the UK. Whether you live in the South or North of the UK Fred Olsen have a cruise departing to this amazing country during the summer that can show you what this country has to offer.

Cruises – D1414 (August - Liverpool) , W1408 (July - Newcastle), D1409 (June – Avonmouth), L1406 (May – Southampton)

Why would you want to go Iceland and what can you expect to see.

Natural landscapes one of the most diverse landscapes in the world this country offers the visitor dramatic scenery for photographs as well as lifelong memories of things that are unique to Iceland)

Bubbling hot springs- immerse yourself into these health giving springs

Waterfalls- see some of the most spectacular falls anywhere in the world

Geysers and Volcanic Landscape- the landscape of the country is awash with this amazing natural phenomenon

Whales, Dolphins, Puffins- the wild life of the country is centred around the seas where regular spotting of Whales and Dolphins can be seen. Also Iceland is home to huge flocks of sea birds including the Puffin.

  • Midnight sun the geographical position of the country means that during the summer months you can experience the fantastic ‘Midnight Sun’
  • Experience the eeriness of the white nights of summer on the June and July sailings. At one stage the sun goes down for as little as ½ an hour

Interesting facts that you may not be aware of!

  • The warmest summer days around Iceland can reach 20-25°C, with the absolutely highest temperatures recorded at around +30°C
  • Reykjavik is warmer than most cities on the same latitudeBathing in geothermal pools is quintessentially social Icelandic experience – try it for yourself on our Blue Lagoon tour for Reykjavik and Myvaten from Akureyi. Between 37 – 39 degrees


  • Iceland has two of the top 10 waterfalls mentioned in the World of Waterfalls website – Gullfoss and Dettifoss. We are lucky to be able to visit Gullfoss on the Golden Circle to Reykjavik
  • Dotted by steaming larva fields, icecaps, glaciers, hot pools and geysers the Icelandic landscape has an elemental rawness that nobody who sees it can easily forget.
  • Iceland has largest glacier in Europe (and 3rd in the World)
  • One 10th of Iceland is covered by lava beds and Glaciers
  • There are 130 volcanic mountains across the country


  • We visit at the best time of year to whale watch which you can do on Whale Watching from Reykjavik and Akureyi
  • Iceland was in the Telegraphs top 10 of places in the world to Whale Watch
  • 6 million puffins arrive each year in April to Breed in Iceland


  • Iceland pure climate is enhanced by the lack of pollution from industry and the Eco energy production.
  • We Did you know the scenery in the Walty Mitty film is filmed mainly in Iceland
  • We Iceland is getting wider by approximately 1 cm per year!
  • We Icelanders have one of the purest gene pools in the World – they can track their heritage back to the Viking Settlement in 800AD
  • We Fishing is critical to their economy resulting in 3 Cod wars in the 1970’s
  • We There are No motorways or railways in Iceland
  • We Only 1% of the land is arable creating majestic natural scenery
  • We 8 out of 10 Icelandic’s believe in Elves – you can get a map from the tourist office which shows where they live and 1 out of 4 Icelandic’s claim to have seen the mythical creatures
  • We Beer was banned until 1989
  • We Knitting is an obsession in Iceland for both men and women!
  • We In 2006 it was rated the 4th happiest nation in the World The Capital City - Reykjavik
  • We 2 out of 3 Icelandic’s live in Reykjavik a town which in the summer, thanks to the midnight sun, doesn’t really sleep – Learn about this late night culture on our overnight calls by taking the Brewery Tour, or experience it for yourself.
  • We Greylag Geese regularly overfly the centre of Reykjavik
  • We See the architecture of the church, which is imposing and the tallest building in the country, but its architecture has divided the locals.
  • We Visit the Tjornin lake which is natural breeding habitat for 40 species of birds
  • We Reykjavik is the World’s northernmost capital of any sovereign state
  • We Visit the popular geothermic Nautholsvik Beach, a 15 minute taxi ride from the port.

Experiences you can have on a tour from Reykjavik

  • "Visit the big 3 on the Golden Circle Tour" – Gullfoss waterfall, the Geysir area and Thingvellir natural park where the Eurasian and American tectonic plates meet.
  • "A chance to bathe in the Blue Lagoon"
  • "Cross Iceland’s second largest Glacier by Supertruck! "
  • "Admire the recently active Eyjafjallajokull Volcano and learn it has effected the landscape and locals"
  • "Catch your own cod in a sea angling experience"

The Other Ports you can visit on a Fred Olsen Cruise to Iceland.

Akureyi (All)

  • The scenery is much gentler and less forbidding
  • Has the warmest weather in the island with temperatures often in the 20s
  • Has a stunning setting at the head of the Eyjafjordur Fjord

Experiences you can have on a tour from Akureyi:

  • "Watch the whales" – where you have the chance to see up to many of the 23 species which populate Icelandic waters!
  • "See the Jewels of the North" – which include the horseshoe shaped Godafoss waterfall, Icelands 3rd largest lake - Lake Myvatn, and the Geothermal field at Namaskard with mud pools, steam vents and boiling springs.
  • "Bathe in the natural baths at Myvatn"
  • "Fly to Grimsey Island on the Arctic Circle"
  • "Ride an Icelandic Horse" which is an unique species

  • Eskifordur (D1414 and W1408)

    Set in its own mini Fjord this is a fishing town and it is evident everywhere in the town

    This is town to learn about local Icelandic life

    Experiences you can have on a tour from Eskifordur:

    • "Follow in fisherman’s footsteps" – learn about the importance of the fishing industry in Iceland
    • "Get an insight into the importance of mythology and Icelandic attachment to Monsters and Elves" and visit Elf Hill
    • "Experience the remains and the history of the allied occupation of Reydarfjordur"
    • "Meet the locals" and find out what is like to live in the remote eastern fjords
    • "Learn about the size, purity and clarity of Spar" that was mined here and used all over the World. 230 kilo example from here is in the Natural History Museum

    Isafjordur (D1409)

    Experience the remoteness of the area Experiences you can have on a tour from Isafjordur:

    • "Experience the live of a local and struggle for survival"
    • "Take a boat to Vigur Island (population 10) to see puffins and other bird life"
    • "Cruise through the Glacier Fjords to experience on of the most remote areas of Iceland"

    Scenic Cruise – (Not on D1409)

    Scenic cruise pass Latrabjarg, Europe’s largest bird cliff, which is on every birdwatchers bucket list, teeming with millions of puffins, guillemots, razorbills – stretches 14 kms and reaches 440 meters high. It hosts 40% of the world’s population of these birds.

    Get some great photo’s when we cruise past Drangaskord – cliffs shaped like a dragons tail and the dramatic cliffs of Hornbjarg.

    Prices for these fantastic scenic cruises are at an all time low so if you want to experience the wonders of Iceland you had better be quick!