How the Cruise Operators of Today are Protecting the Oceans of Tomorrow - October 2018

GoCruise – 17th October


Protecting our oceans has become a rising issue over the last couples of years, with global warming being at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With MSC joining the growing battle against single use plastics, other cruise lines have either already or are likely to follow suit over the coming years. With cruise lines always looking into new ways to combat the ever-growing issue, the future is looking good for the safeguarding of our mysterious oceans.

Single Use Plastics

Currently there are four different cruise line operators who are choosing to remove single use plastics from their ships. Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises have all introduced programs to eliminate the use of plastics over the coming years. With MSC being the latest, they are planning to remove single use plastics by April 2019 and replace them with environmentally friendly options. The first step is happening later this year with all plastics straws being replaced with biodegradable solutions by the end of 2018. Many operators are expected to also take on these changes; P&O Cruises and Cunard have agreed to remove single use plastics by the year 2022.

Plastic in Oceans

Energy Efficiency

Moving a cruise ship isn’t easy and it takes a lot of energy to go from port to port. With a large number of ships already in the ocean and more under construction, operators are looking into new energy efficient methods. Royal Caribbean has already implemented changes to reduce their emissions by a further 35% by 2020 by using liquefied natural gas and fuel cells. Already, efficiency tactics are being implemented in ships such as Celebrity Solstice, which holds around 216 solar panels that can power around 50% of the ship’s demands – that’s the equivalent of all the elevators or 7,000 LED lights.

celebrity solstice

Waste Reduction

Making sure to keep our oceans clean is also another vital part of protecting them. A massive 14 billion pounds of garbage is currently being dumped each year, but almost all operators have stopped dumping their waste into the ocean. Holland America’s MS Oosterdam has managed to reduce around eight tons of waste being generated on board and many other ships now also feature black water treatment systems, environmental officers and ways to further reduce their carbon footprint. Low-flow showerheads to keep water wastage down and silicone paint to reduce drag on the ship are just a few of the things that cruise ships have started to implement.

Protecting The Areas They Visit

The earth is developing in new ways and, to help the destinations that they visit, many operators are creating sustainable jobs in local communities. Plus, some have helped with relief for communities during and after natural disasters such as hurricanes.

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