Destinations To Escape Christmas This Festive Season - November 2018

GoCruise – 22nd November 2018


As the build-up to Christmas is well underway, many of us see it as an exciting event that brings families together to eat vast amounts of food and exchange gifts. While this is all very exciting, some travellers prefer to escape the bustling high streets in search of a quiet retreat in a remote location. So to accommodate that second group, we have compiled a list of ports that travellers may want to visit to escape the festive hype.



While Christmas is still celebrated in Thailand, the large proportion of locals are Buddhists. This means that, to them, Christmas is just another day. If you choose to visit the larger cities, you may be greeted with festive cheer due to western culture having a large influence. But elsewhere, you can escape to sunny shorelines and enjoy the warm temperatures that are on offer. Cities like Bangkok are likely to be aligned with Christmas treats as this is where most of the Christian population live, but the scenic regions Phang Nga Bay still provide the perfect chance to see what Thailand has to offer.



With such a high percentage of Muslims in the population (around 98%), it may seem like a no-brainer that Morocco would end up on this list. Even with this being the case, you can still find hints of Christmas in the large cities that will be catered more towards tourism. Also, if you plan to visit ‘the Gateway to Africa’, you will be pleased to know it has much more to offer during the festive period than many others on this list. Featuring much of Africa’s architectural beauties and an abundance of festivals dotted around the local medinas, it is very welcoming to tourists.

The Maldives


Situated in the middle of the Indian ocean, the Maldives are known for their white sandy beaches that attract visitors in their masses during the summer season. Planning to seek adventure during the winter season can also be the perfect opportunity to enjoy exotic beaches and warm weather all to yourself. While the lack of festive fun may seem like a drawback, adventuring into the azure waters opens up plenty of chance for snorkelling and scuba diving through coral reefs and seeking out wildlife. If you would also like to learn more about this hidden gem, the capital, Malé, can offer some of the island’s historical monuments and iconic feats.



On the small islands of Japan, Christmas Eve is treated more as a valentine’s day than the day before Christmas. Couples will head out in the streets in search for the best restaurants to enjoy a romantic meal and then head to a luxurious hotel to relax into the evening. Much like Morocco, Japan believes Christmas should be spent with friends and significant others while partying into the night. Instead, they spend their New Year’s with family, giving presents and eating delightful meals is all part of the New Year’s tradition.

All of these countries on this list will still show signs of Christmas in the large cities due to western influences. But if you head to the more remote areas, you can enjoy a different type of culture during the festive period.

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