Experience Christmas in Australia without Long Haul Flights - January 2015

Roy & Margaret Jones – 20-02-2015 – Experience Christmas in Australia without Long Haul Flights


It goes without saying that Christmas in the UK is a cold, frosty affair where many families seek the warmth of the living room fireplace. But if you fancied trying something a little different, why not travel out to Australia with a cruise and experience Christmas like never before? This is a particularly appealing idea if you plan to visit friends and family and you don’t even have to embark on a long-haul flight.

Christmas in Australia is a much warmer affair but can provide many similar traditions to those experienced in the UK. Many people sing carols in the streets with candlelight and Santa gives his reindeer a rest, allowing kangaroos to help out instead. Perhaps the most famous tradition comes on Boxing Day, with the beach barbecue.

As many of you are aware if you want to visit Australia and don’t fly, invariably you have to depart in January on the outbound part of a world cruise missing Christmas in Australia with the family. In September 2016 Princess Cruises will be offering a 48 night cruise from the UK to Sydney and if you want an extended stay in Australia and don’t like the thought of a long flight home you can always cruise back to the UK in February / March on the return leg of a World Cruise with P&O or Cunard.

This fantastic opportunity will allow you the chance to traverse one side of the globe en-route to Australia, sailing from Southampton before an extended stay in Australia that will allow you to experience everything Christmas in Australia has to offer. After your stay in Australia, you can sail back to the UK with a renowned provider and witness the other half of the globe.

What a great way to not only experience Christmas in Australia and see the world without having the stress and hassle of flights. If you are not able to fly and thought you would never be able to visit the family down-under over the Christmas period, there is now an opportunity to do this.

This news comes as Princess Cruises announce plans for a longer Mediterranean season scheduled from Southampton – with the Emerald Princess making 15 departures between April and September in 2016 as opposed to ten in 2015. Princess Cruises’ two new ships will also be based in Europe as of summer, 2016.