Celebrity Silhouette to be modified specifically for British passengers - January 2018

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While everyone has a different dream holiday destination in mind when it comes to planning a holiday, there are a number of things that British tourists are very particular about. In fact, we are probably some of the fussiest holidaymakers in the world – with many Brits having a tendency to want many of their mod coms from home with them on their travels.

Celebrity Cruises has long been a popular cruise line with British holiday-makers and are highly-regarded for their contemporary design and luxurious features. Passengers on board one of the line’s many ships can enjoy spacious staterooms, divine cuisine, chic bars, and a lush green expanse on the top deck known as The Lawn Club. And you can enjoy all of this and much aboard the incredible Celebrity Silhouette when she repositions in Southampton as of April 2018.

Celebrity Silhouette

However, the line has confirmed it will go even further to ensure British passengers get the most out of their luxurious cruising holiday this year. There will be a number of tweaks applied throughout the ship to enable her to cater more specifically towards the UK market. This represent a huge shift of market interest towards the British Isles and the significance of catering to an audience that isn’t predominantly American, which where the majority of the line’s ships are positioned.

It is likely that Celebrity Silhouette will offers facilities including kettle in each cabin, complete with a collection of English teas to choose from. The on board Café Bacio is likely to be expanded, enabling British holidaymakers to enjoy space in which to sit down and enjoy their beverage – which is contrast to American holidaymakers, who are more likely to have their drink on the go.

For those who fancy something a little stronger, there will be a wider range of beers, guns and mixers available throughout the ship. In addition to the eclectic range of Californian wines, a range of wines from closer-to-home nations including France, Italy and Spain will also be available.

Celebrity Silhouette

In terms of on board dining, passengers will be able to enjoy the best of British while exploring the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the British Isles. Passengers will be able to wake up and enjoy English bacon, along with traditionally British accompaniments including HP sauce and Colman’s mustard. You can also enjoy a round a toast with a generous lashing of Marmite. Aside from the culinary offering available on board, all of the entertainment, live performances and quizzes will also be specifically catered towards a British market.

Celebrity Eclipse was previously in the UK for eight years and became a firm favourite with the British market. The line is hoping that a shift to the newer and more modern Celebrity Silhouette will prove to be equally as popular. Much of this is still under discussion with senior figures from Celebrity Cruises, with many more ideas likely to arise in the coming weeks and months.

Embarking on a cruise from the UK takes the stress out of the holiday experience and enables you to visit a range of destinations in a short period of time. Celebrity Cruises offers one of the most luxurious ways to travel across the seas and you will certainly come back feeling truly revitalised and refreshed.

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