Alaskan Cruises And What They Can Offer - December 2018

GoCruise – 5th December 2018


When you think of traditional ocean cruise destinations, Alaska may not come to mind. But don’t let the cold temperatures put you off, as this “last frontier” is one of the more awe-inspiring pieces of North America, bringing quaint towns, tranquil hiking and so much more. If you are worried about the temperatures, May and June usually averages at around 10°C throughout, so you won’t need to cocoon yourself with dozens of layers. Even if the cold temperatures prove too much, you can still enjoy the scenic views from the luxury of the ship.

Explore the Wild Side

Aurora Borealis

With a measly population of 720,000 people, Alaska really brings the discovery to you. National parks and monumental fjords open up a wave of excitement and a wealth of opportunities to take that perfect postcard picture. Before you head off on the adventure of a lifetime, get to know the locals. Learning from the people is a great way to better understand the region you are exploring and could help when pointing you in the right direction.

Even into the late hours of the night, the spectacular Aurora Borealis may make an appearance, with filling the sky with a magical phenomenon. Quickly head to find the best view on the ship or venture out on a late-night hike and have the Aurora all to yourself. If you want the best chance of seeing the dazzling night’s sky, October and March are highly recommended to give you the best opportunity.


Brown bears fishing

As well as the extensive fjords, guests can enjoy an abundance of wildlife on land and out at sea. Orca’s fill the ocean waters and can be seen on whale watching tours, whilst the extensive forest ecosystems allow you to go in search of the notorious grizzly bear, the iconic Alaskan Moose and the spectacular American bison.

It is recommended to bring binoculars during your journey as Alaska has a diverse landscape that you will have to navigate. These will also help for spotting the extensive birdlife that can be found here too. As the poster child for America, Bald Eagles are most commonly found along Alaska’s coastline and are hard to miss with their two-metre wingspan.

Glaciers to rival the Norwegian fjords

Alaskan fjords

Everybody knows that the Norwegian fjords have some stunning glaciers that take people’s breath away, but what a lot of people don’t know is that Alaska has some of the largest fjords in the world. Places like Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm Fjords, found just sound of Juneau, are each 30 miles long and consist of two deep and narrow fjords. During the summer, both fjords can create icebergs that are almost the size of a three-story building. Heading through this frozen tundra is a truly unforgettable experience and, with the help of an experienced onboard team, you can learn more about the changes that are happening to Alaska.

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