4 Reasons why Dubrovnik is the perfect winter sun destination - September 2018

GoCruise – 25th September 2018


As we are all aware, the sunny shores of Croatia are home to a plethora of small towns and cities that each contain their own unique quirks. Dubrovnik is amongst these cities and is by far, one of the most remarkable cities from around the world. When entering the “Old Town”, you are constantly reminded of the history by the towering Old Town wall which has encompassed the smaller part of the city since the 17th century.

Old Town in Dubrovnik

Warm Temperatures

Being situated within the Mediterranean, guests can enjoy warm weather all year-round. Even during the winter months guests can experience temperatures up to 22°C, which is ideal when exploring the town’s natural sights. When entering the port, guests can still see the stunning scenery from their cabin’s balcony window and marvel at the surrounding islands. An excursion can be the perfect way to explore the city, where guides will give in-depth knowledge about how the town has changed throughout the years.

Historical Highlights

As arguably the largest draw along with the spectacular scenery, the history of Dubrovnik can be seen all around its cobbled streets and colossal monuments. Churches and fountains light up the town, each having a particular story that ties into the heart of its remarkable past. Along the perimeter of the town, the prominent wall stands tall, with a small museum that gives the perfect insight into the changes from the 7th to the 17th century. Sights such as the Dubrovnik Cathedral provide beautiful architecture inside and out, whilst displaying eye-catching relics.

Culinary Delights

Amongst all of the exploring, there is plenty of time to stop off at a local café or restaurant to sample some of Croatia’s finest cuisine. You will find menu’s jammed full of exquisite dishes including an abundance of seafood and home comfort foods. To complement the awe-inspiring cuisine there is also a vast number of ice-cream shops that serve an assortment of different flavours, from the fan-favourite chocolate, to the more obscure black sesame or princess doughnuts. Finally, to finish off the day, there are a number of local beers such as Karlovačko or Ožujsko that can be found in any bar around the town.

Outside of the Walls

Even though most of the iconic monuments are found within Dubrovnik’s walls, there are still plenty of highlights which can be found in the rest of the city. If you are planning to see the whole city to capture that picture-perfect view, adventure up the hiking trails of Srđ (a mountain in Dubrovnik) where, for a small fee, a cable car can be taken down for the perfect holiday photo. The mountain also features a war museum and panoramic dining venues, where guests can relax throughout the day.

Cable car over Dubrovnik