10 Common Misconceptions About Your Favourite Destinations - February 2019

GoCruise – 22nd February 2019


The most popular destinations are famous for a reason. Whether it’s their extraordinary cuisine, historical sites or friendly locals, they are bound to bring tourists from far and wide. But, along with all the hype, many of these cities gain a reputation that can be tainted by common misconceptions.

The most popular destinations are famous for a reason. Whether it’s their extraordinary cuisine, historical sites or friendly locals, they are bound to bring tourists from far and wide. But, along with all the hype, many of these cities gain a reputation that can be tainted by common misconceptions.

Bangkok, Thailand – 20.05m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – The Country Is Poor And Rundown


Looking from the outside, many Westerners may believe that Thailand is a poor country and everybody lives amongst the slums. Fortunately, this is not the case, especially in the cities where there are many middle class working people who are enjoying the hustle and bustle of city life.

Work is a bit harder to come by in the suburbs, so there are some signs of poverty, but don’t let this turn you away. Thailand has been famously dubbed as the ‘Land of a Thousand Smiles’ and holds many of Asia’s most opulent palaces, as well as its flavourful cuisine.

London, U.K. – 19.83 million Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – The Underground Is Too Crowded

London Underground

If you live outside of London, you can be forgiven for thinking that the dreaded London Underground is hard to navigate and constantly busy. This is only partially true, though. While the platforms and carriages are often jammed during rush hour, throughout the rest of the day it is relatively quiet.

Using services like Google Maps can help you to find the shortest route, avoiding the busy times in the process. Plus, there are other viable services to choose, including London’s extensive bus network that spans the entire city.

Paris, France – 17.44m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – Paris Is Expensive


While this can be true for high-end restaurants, Paris can be a somewhat ‘cheap tourist destination’ for the bargain hunters. For example, the now famed Velib (rental bike) will only cost you €1.70 a day and you can travel to all the iconic sights.

Staying away from cafés and Michelin-star restaurants will be sure to keep your cash from leaving your pocket faster than you expect. On top of this, discovering the most popular attractions can even be inexpensive too. By pre-booking your tickets and taking advantage of free admission for concessions (under 25s, students, military, etc.), you can see the best of what Paris has to offer for less.

Dubai, U.A.E. – 15.79m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – It’s Always Too Hot


There is no doubting that Dubai is going to be hot throughout the year – it’s in the middle of a desert – but don’t let this fool you into thinking that this cultural gem is always scorching. Dubai has a rainy season that usually runs between December and February, during which temperatures usually sit around a comfortable 20°C.

Even if you do choose to visit during the summer months, some factor 50 sun cream and plenty of time indoors will prevent too much exposure to the sun. Take this opportunity to glance at Dubai’s best shopping malls and scale the world’s tallest man-made structure, the Burj Khalifa.

Singapore - 13.91m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – It’s A Small Country So There’s Not Much To Do


While you might be right that Singapore is a small country, it doesn’t lack the modern entertainment or wealth of things to do. After all, there are around 5.6 million people who need entertaining on a daily basis, so you are likely to find everything that you would in your home country, with an Asian twist.

Most notably, Gardens by the Bay has received global attraction for its overall beauty, friendly staff, informative train-rides, stunning flora and the largest man-made waterfall. Plus, with it only taking around 45 minutes to cross the island by taxi, you can hop between the best attractions in a matter of minutes.

New York City – 13.13m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – It’s All Concrete Streets

New York

As New York is covered in sprawling roads, this is less of a misconception and more of an explanation. Whilst there are a lot of roads, New York is also famous for the colossal Central Park, arguably one of the most filmed locations around the world. The giant, green expanse makes appearances in top TV shows, including family-favourite Friends, and the park manages to surpass the high hopes and dreams of tourists that visit it each day.

There are plenty of things to do here too, such as Central Park Zoo, a Conservatory Garden, several lakes and ponds, a theatre and two ice-skating rinks.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 12.58m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – It’s Very Traditional


Malaysia is known to be a very traditional place. In the suburbs, locals are proud of their rich heritage and feel it is an essential part of their culture. But, the larger cities have adapted quickly, taking inspiration from a lot of what you would expect to see in the West.

Kuala Lumpur has recently become more relaxed on rules, creating a more cosmopolitan vibe and taking influence in regards to their fashion trends too. With arguably some of the world’s best street food and historical sights, you will never be short of places to pick-up your favourite snack between the top attractions.

Tokyo, Japan – 11.93m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – You have To earn The Language Before You Travel


Unsurprisingly, learning a few words of Japanese can go a long way, especially when attempting to find your way around. However, due to great navigation systems around Japan, this isn’t essential to your travels and won’t hinder your journey as much as you think.

Plus, when visiting by a cruise ship, you will have the option to be led by a local crew member during your shore excursion who can help you pick up handy phrases in no time. It can also help to know about etiquette in this part of the world. The locals understand that you may not be accustomed to their heritage, but this may greater enhance your experience while traveling here.

Istanbul, Turkey – 10.70m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – You Can’t Buy Or Drink Alcohol Anywhere


As most people like to drink during their cruise, many tourists may be worried that you cannot buy or drink alcohol in Turkey, due to the large population of Muslims living (almost 98%). This is simply untrue. Many of the locals don’t drink because of their beliefs, but the buying and consumption of alcohol is allowed if you are over 18.

This also won’t affect your stay anyway, as the majority of Turkish people are respectful and Istanbul is amongst some of the safer cities around Europe. This vibrant destination is more than just alcohol anyway – stunning skylines and royal palaces are the main draw for most travellers.

Seoul, South Korea – 9.54m Overnight Visitors

Common misconception – It’s Not Safe


When thinking about travelling to South Korea, you may be more worried about its northern neighbour than Seoul itself. South Korea is safer than you might think, though. With the countries working together to settle their differences, tourists can explore the rich heritage that has built up over the years.

Seoul’s main highlights include ancient palaces, eclectic shopping streets, tranquil parks, astonishing towers and a jaw-dropping spa scene.

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