South America Cruises

Favourable weather during the European winter months and an increase in the number of direct flights from London has helped see a significant rise in the popularity of South America cruises and also the quality of voyages on offer.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro draws hundreds of thousands of visitors and what better way could there be to arrive to it than by cruise ship. This vibrant and colourful part of the world never fails to impress and most of those who book a cruise choose to add a few land based days after the end of their travels at sea.

Many itineraries include a trip around Cape Horn, whilst others even venture to the Antarctic. Passing from the Atlantic Ocean, round the coast of Argentina, through the Strait of Magellan and into the Pacific Ocean is a truly unforgettable experience.

Cruises to this region will provide the opportunity to see breathtaking old-world Montevideo, Uruguayan architecture, pristine lakes, the snow-capped Puerto Montt, Chilean volcanoes and Rio's perfect beaches. These thrilling journeys can last anywhere up to forty days, and typically attract passengers who have an appetite for education and adventure.

If you want to explore more of the Americas then why not take a look at the many North America, Panama Canal or Alaska cruises that we have available.

Ports of call: Southampton - Madeira - St Vincent, Grenadines - Salvador - Buzios - Rio de Janeiro - Montevideo - Port Stanley - Cape Horn - Punta Arenas, Chile - San Antonio, Chile - Coquimbo - Arica - Callao, Peru - Manta - Panama Canal - Cartagena, Colombia - Oranjestad, Aruba - Bonaire - Tobago - Bridgetown - St. Lucia - St Maarten, French Antilles - St. Kitts - Antigua, Leeward Islands - Southampton
Cruise Ship - Silver Explorer

Polar Regions

5th Jan 2018 | 18 nights

On board Silver Explorer

Ports of call: Ushuaia - Jason Islands, Falklands - Port Stanley - South Georgia Islands - Elephant Island - Antarctica - Ushuaia
Cruise Ship - Sirena

Caribbean, South America

20th Jan 2018 | 21 nights

On board Sirena

Ports of call: Rio de Janeiro - Buzios - Salvador - Natal - Fortaleza - Icoaraci - Devils Island, French Guiana - Bridgetown - Castries - St John's, Antigua - Basseterre - Nassau - Miami
Cruise Ship - Balmoral

Europe, South America

23rd Jan 2018 | 46 nights

On board Balmoral

Ports of call: Southampton - Funchal - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Porta Praia - Fortaleza - Ilheus - Rio de Janeiro - Montevideo - Buenos Aires - Punta del Este - Santos, Brazil - Salvador - Mindelo, Cape Verde Is. - Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands - Lisbon - Southampton
Cruise Ship - Braemar


1st Feb 2018 | 14 nights

On board Braemar

Ports of call: Bridgetown - Santarem - Parintins - Manaus - Scarborough, UK - Bridgetown
Cruise Ship - MS Fram

South America

22nd Feb 2018 | 17 nights

On board MS Fram

Ports of call: Buenos Aires - Antarctica - Cape Horn - Chilean Fjords - Puerto Natales - Chilean Fjords - Puerto Montt - Valparaiso - Santiago
Cruise Ship - Silver Explorer

South America

25th Feb 2018 | 14 nights

On board Silver Explorer

Ports of call: Ushuaia - Ainsworth Bay - Punta Arenas, Chile - Puerto Natales - Tortel - Castro, Chiloe Island - Puerto Montt - Valparaiso
Cruise Ship - MS Roald Amundsen

Polar Regions

23rd Oct 2018 | 18 nights

On board MS Roald Amundsen

Ports of call: Valparaiso - Castro, Chiloe Island - Puerto Natales - Chilean Fjords - Antarctica - Punta Arenas, Chile
Cruise Ship - Silver Cloud Expedition

Polar Regions

22nd Nov 2018 | 10 nights

On board Silver Cloud Expedition

Ports of call: Ushuaia - Antarctica - Ushuaia

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